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Our TütenGlück® is a beautiful all-rounder and that Wall board for your school cone. Bring the most important symbol for your new phase of life to your children's room wall and keep the memory of this big day not only in your heart.
Put your beautiful school cone on its due throne and let this special time stay alive even after school enrollment.
It's also magical, because your TütenGlück® can magically transform itself into a shelf for all the things your heart is still attached to.
For example for your favorite books, small cuddly friends, unusual collectible treasures, your night lamp, as an additional loading area for your acoustic box and and and... . Your TütenGlück® is simply a beautiful design classic that is available for everything that you would like to put horizontally and on the wall.

It consists of coated multiplex and a high-quality magnetic laminate.
We obtain the raw materials for this in a resource-saving manner and locally from companies in the surrounding area.
We manufacture entirely in Germany, more precisely in the beautiful Ruhr area, where every heart is brought to life fairly and locally by hand and with great attention to detail.

28cm long
24cm deep

Boardfläche 21cm x 21cm
with a practical cable cut-out for a mains plug (lamp, etc.) and a separate cover for the opening.
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