Hello, I'm Anina Safoa Akosua, mom of 3 wild earthlings and that's exactly why I'm the inventor of QueChaLe

As a mom, I am always looking for functionality paired with quality and timelessly beautiful design for our children. Products that give me and us as parents joy in terms of feel and look. A mission that is not always easy.


When we received a blue acoustic cube as a gift from our son's dear godmother in 2016, it was the biggest revolution in Germany's children's rooms and something very special for us too.
The passion for collecting quickly grew and a home was needed for the cute figures, but the market didn't allow me to find anything beautiful that met my standards. The search for all the radio plays in the cracks of sofas, Lego boxes and laundry baskets had to come to an end, not just to protect my sensitive nerves.
But it wasn't supposed to be just any shelf - no, I wanted to create a home for the radio play characters. that makes it fun to keep things tidy, enables interactive gaming fun and meets my visual-aesthetic requirements. The well-known stone with (at least) two birds, because I generally love things that serve more than just one purpose.
It should be something that motivates our little earthlings to enjoy keeping their children's chaos a little bit more orderly.
A few sofa sessions and brainstorming evenings between Kind & Kegel later, the idea for a prototype was decided - intended for your own home use. But as is sometimes the case in life, people think and direct life... The idea hit our circle of friends like a bomb, more and more ideas grew in our heads and today we can proudly say that QueChaLe has grown into a fine, consciously sustainable and independent company.


Because we bear responsibility for all those who come after us and want to experience this wonderful planet, we manufacture our products consciously, resource-savingly and locally, with a lot of love and brains “made in Germany”.
Our exclusively high-quality centerpieces are all made by hand in the Ruhr area.
We love short distances, for ourselves and our environment. That's why our logistics are located next door to our workshop. Here we finally put our craftsmanship through its paces one last time before we send it on its journey with love.
We firmly believe that only good things can come from good intentions and that those who give others space to develop will inevitably become a butterfly themselves. So we intentionally put love in the details :).
I hope young and old have fun with our QueChaLe products.

Anina Safoa Akosua